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The above sites are not affiliated with Collin College..


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Welcome to the http://IWS2.collin.edu web server.

  • For information regarding Collin County Community College District, please go to WWW.collin.edu

About http://IWS2.collin.edu

The http://IWS2.collin.edu web server is one of two instructional web servers provided by Collin County Community College District for hosting faculty and instructional web sites. The FTP server contains Microsoft FrontPage Extensions enabled for faculty and instructional web site development using the FrontPage web authoring software.

Who Maintains http://IWS2.collin.edu?

The Department of Web Services currently maintains all web servers within the Collin County Community College District, including this instructional web server. If you would like to read more about Web Services, or if you experience an error in trying to access your web site on a Collin County Community College District web server, click here to go to the Web Services page.

How to request a Web Site Account

If you are a Collin instructor or department who needs a web account on a FrontPage enabled server, please complete the Web Site Account Request Form.

Web site accounts are created Monday through Thursday. Normal turn-around time for requests is 48 hours. Once your account is created, contact the Technology Learning Center for assistance with your web site. They are located at the Spring Creek Campus in the Library in room D133, phone: 972-881-5105.

About a Web Account

Once you have requested a web account, you are responsible for that account. It is critical that all web account holders follow copyright laws and regulations as provided by Collin and other entitles on the World Wide Web. For example, it is best to get something in writing from the original author of the work (i.e., photograph, clipart, content, buttons, etc.) prior to downloading and adding the item to your web site. Furthermore, Adobe and other vendors, for examples, have specific copyright requirements for anyone who is linking to one of their products, using their logo, or using the name of their products in a paragraph. It is important to read all copyright and legal disclaimers prior to adding material to your web site. For all instructors, your password is your responsibility. Keep it safeguarded and confidential. Also, if you need to have your password changed, simply send an e-mail to webservices@collin.edu.

If you decide to add your photograph to your web site, please contact Public Relations so that they can have the photograph taken for you. If you place a photograph of your student or students on your web site please get written permission from your student or students prior to placing it on the web.

Suggestions for Content on Instructional Web Sites

Here are a few suggestions, in an effort to help standardize the look and feel of instructional web sites, regarding the types of content to include.

  • Instructor's Full Name (i.e., Dr. Jonathon W. Smith)
  • Instructor's Job Title (i.e., Professor of English)
  • Instructor's Department (i.e., Humanities and International Studies)
  • Contact Information (i.e., telephone, e-mail, fax, address, office location, etc.)
  • Office Hours (i.e., Monday through Friday; 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.)
  • Main Office Numbers for your Department
  • Credentials (i.e., Masters of Science in Higher Education and English from ....)
  • Affiliations or Associations Pertinent to Course or Department
  • Welcome message and specific details regarding your course(s).
  • Instructor's Philosophy of Education
  • Syllabus for Courses
  • A link on your instructional web site home page that links to http://www.collin.edu/ Here is an example (For details regarding Collin, please click here.)
  • Copyright Statement at the bottom of each web page of your site that reads (Copyright © 2008 Collin County Community College District. All Rights Reserved. Contact your instructor for details regarding this web site.

When adding your e-mail address, please try to include the full e-mail address in addition to providing a link to your e-mail address via your web site. Here is an example:

Click to e-mail Professor Matthews


Click to e-mail Professor Matthews (jmatthews@example.gre)

Design Tips

  • Try to keep a consistent look and feel with your web site.
  • Keep in mind that Arial and Times New Roman can be found on both MAC and PC systems, while others may not. If you would like to use additional fonts, consider turning your fonts into graphic headers instead of text headers.
  • If you use graphic links then also provide the text version of that link as well.
  • Check spelling.
  • Know your audience. Ask your students what works for them or does not work for them as input for your design.
  • If you link to a web site that is not within the college, please check that company's requirements regarding linking to their site.
  • Repeat navigation on each page in your site so your students always know how to get back to your home page.

This site was designed for an 800x600 screen setting, PC, 256 colors, and 15" to 17" monitor.

For information regarding the instructors and staff at Collin, log onto WWW.collin.edu for the on-line faculty and staff directory.

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