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Collin College insurance options as offered through the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) include:

*To find Health Provider information, visit the Health/Select ERS
   Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Provider Finder link.

Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance:

  1. Who qualifies for the State's group insurance program and premium contribution?

The State of Texas provides a financial contribution toward the cost of health plans for employees who are budgeted for full-time work for a period of at least four and one-half months in a fiscal year in a regular, salaried position.

  1. I don't qualify for the employee health insurance plan.  What can I do to get insurance coverage?

To search for coverage online, you may try one of the following free services. Collin College does not endorse these search services nor does Collin College endorse any individual health plan obtained using one of these services.

  1. A new employee has only 30 calendar days from the first day of employment to elect coverage other than health for employee only and/or eligible dependents.  Coverage other than health begin on the employee's first day, if elected the first day, or on the first of the month after the employee enrolls, provided he/she enrolls within the first 30 days of employment.  Optional Term Life III and IV require evidence of insurability (EOI) or proof of good health first, even for a new employee.  

  • A new employee has 90 calendar days from the first day of employment to elect or waive/decline health coverage for the employee and eligible dependents without having to provide evidence of insurability (EOI) or proof of good health.  Health coverage for employee only and/or eligible dependents that is elected during the employee's first 90 days takes effect the first of the month after the first 90 days.  

  • The State of Texas covers the monthly premium cost for Employee Only health coverage, which includes $5,000 basic term life insurance and $5,000 AD&D coverage, medical and prescription drug coverage, and vision exam coverage.

  • Additionally, Collin College pays the cost for Employee Only dental coverage.

  • Employees pay monthly premiums for dependent health, dental, and life, and for AD&D and disability through monthly payroll deduction.

  • Long term care is offered through direct pay with John Hancock Insurance.  No evidence of insurability (EOI) is required for the employee if the employee enrolls during his/her first 30 calendar days.  EOI is always required for a spouse.  Contact John Hancock directly at 877-895-6762 for details.

  1. What are the monthly premiums?             

  2. Premium Calculation Worksheet

  3. Collin College insurance and TexFlex programs are administered by the Employees Retirement System of Texas, or ERS, in Austin, Texas.  Contact ERS for more details: or call 877-275-4377

  1. Summer Enrollment - Every summer, an annual limited enrollment period is held to allow employees to make certain changes to insurance and TexFlex that they might not otherwise be able to make during the plan year (September through August).   

  • Changes must be made during the designated period, usually part of July and/or August, with allowable changes taking effect the following September 1st.

  • Link to ERS OnLine if you wish to make your changes online.  You must use your personal password assigned by ERS.  Human Resources does not have your password.  NOTE: Some changes require that you apply through the EOI process and receive approval from the insurance company first.  Changes that require EOI approval cannot be made online.

Information about Summer Enrollment opportunities and the deadline is submitted to all employees via e-mail from ERS and Human Resources, starting in early May and continuing through the last week of Summer Enrollment.

  1. More FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance


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