Math 0310 Course Overview

About the Course

This section of Math 0310 is a blended on-line course.  This blended course does not meet on campus with the exception of taking the midterm exam and the final exam in the Spring Creek Campus Testing Center.

There is no on-campus orientation specific to this course.  Attend a Collin orientation offered for online students, given on-campus or online.

You will need an Internet connection, a Cougarmail e-mail address and an up-to-date computer (see System Requirements below) with CD-ROM. You must also possess basic computer skills (such as download files, attach  files to email, etc.).   

MyMathLab software is used over the Internet to learn the material and submit required online tests, labs, and part of the homework exercises.  The textbook is used to read and learn about the concepts and contains all of the homework exercises with answers.  Another learning resource is lecture CDs providing lectures on each section of the textbook.  

The following required  textbook package includes the custom textbook, a MyMathLab Access Code, and Video Lecture CDs:


Intermediate Algebra

Third Edition

by K.  Elayn Martin-Gay

ISBN:  0-558-564062

Publisher:  Pearson/Prentice Hall




  • This textbook is different from the one used in on-campus Math 0310 courses. (Do not purchase the Carson textbook).

  • The Martin Gay textbook is custom for Collin college. Pages are omitted in an effort to reduce the price of the textbook package.

  • This textbook package contains the CD Lecture Series to be used in this online course.

Communication with Instructor

Once the class has begun, communication with the instructor is done through e-mail, using CougarMail .  When using e-mail, always include your course (MATH 0310), section number and your name in the subject.  Contact me by e-mail at .

All efforts will be made to respond to Emails within 48 hours (except weekends and holidays).  If you have not heard from me during that time period, please resend your message.

Information from instructor will be given using Cougarmail and MyMathLab Announcements.  Therefore, check your Cougarmail and read MyMathLab Annoucements throughout the semester.  Delete old messages in Cougarmail to prevent your mailbox from becoming full, not allowing new messages.

At least once a week, send an e-mail letting me know how you are doing in the course.   Contact me as often as necessary if you are experiencing difficulty in understanding the concepts, keeping on pace with covering the course material, meeting course requirements and deadlines. 

Required Coursework

The course requirements include:

  • Online homework and chapter reviews

  • 11 labs

  • 4 online tests

  • 2 on-campus exams:  Midterm exam and Final Exam


The Midterm Exam and comprehensive Final Exam is taken in the Spring Creek Campus Testing Center by specific deadlines posted in the Schedule.  A student ID is required when taking a test in the SCC Testing Center.


To pass the class, the Final Exam grade must be at least 60% and the course average must be 70%.

 Class Format

The format of this class is self-paced (modified)Modified self-paced means that a student may work ahead of schedule but must take tests and labs by deadline dates.  The course schedule posts lab and test deadlines dates.  The Schedule can be found in Blackboard CE.

Instruction is delivered through the textbook and the computer software, MyMathLab, and by viewing the CD Lecture Series. The course content is outlined in the Schedule, which paces the course and provides a weekly schedule for completing sections, labs and tests. Grades will be transmitted confidentially to the Pearson/Prentice Hall server and saved in your MyMathLab Gradebook

A special note on DUE DATES and pacing the course:

  • Tests and labs must be submitted by due dates and CANNOT be accessed after due dates.  

  • Homework assignments are posted as "Past Due" if not submitted on the date assigned but CAN be accessed after due date. Homework assignments are due by the next class day (Monday or Wednesday) but no later than the end of the week (Sunday).  Homework is to be done before taking a lab.

  • Chapter Reviews may be submitted after completing all sections in a chapter or before taking the test.

  • Fairness to all class members:  Scheduled test and lab deadlines will not be changed.  It is not "fair" to change a deadline for some students while others meet the deadline.  Most students have work schedules and/or many other commitments, so the key is time management.  

  • Post test and lab due dates in your personal calendar/planner to "see" what is due during the week to aid in planning your time in order to remain on schedule in submitting course work with due dates.


Blackboard CE 

Detailed course information is available in Blackboard CE on the first day of class.

For Blackboard CE login, go to http://online.  Click on Blackboard CE.  Also available is a link to Blackboard CE tutorials.

For Username and Passwords for Blackboard CE:  

·         New students are issued a username and password for CougarWeb as well as a CougarMail address and campus wide identification number at the completion of admission.

·         For current students, username and password information was mailed to the residence of each student.

·         If you do not have your username and password, take a picture ID to the Admissions and Records Office at a campus near you or e-mail  Requests should include the student’s full legal name, date of birth, and the e-mail address you provided at admissions or one that admissions has on file for you.  

For technological issues, contact the Help Desk at 972.377.1777.

Each of the following topics include important course information and can be accessed in Blackboard CE:

·         Syllabus (gives course overview and grading policy)

·         Schedule (outlines the course content, gives deadline dates)

·         Homework (gives homework assignments, directions for accessing exercises)

·         Labs (explains accessing labs)

·         Reviews (includes test reviews)

·         Tests (states required tests)

  • Resources (Chapter Summaries)

·         Math Resources (suggests available resources:  Math Lab, tutoring, etc.)

  • Virtual Office (contact instructor for assistance with working specific problems)


Using MyMathLab, students are aided in learning the concepts and submitting homework and reviews, online labs and online tests. You will need to register as a MyMathLab student.  

Click on the "MyMathLab" link in Blackboard CE to access the following:

  • Course code:  required for registration

  • MyMathLab Registration Directions:  requires access code, course code and Cougarmail address

  • MyMathLab login

  • MyMathLab overview

Once registered, login by clicking on the link:     For convenience, add this address to your favorites.

System Requirements

 A PC with CD-Rom with Windows operating system and Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher version) is required to run MyMathLab.  In addition, Mac users can access MyMathLab.  

Before using MyMathLab on a personal computer, check to make sure you have the required system configuration: 

Operating system: Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP or Windows® Vista
Internet connection:  Cable/DSL (recommended), 56K modem (minimum)
Required Browser:  Internet Explorer, Version 6.0 (or higher); Mozilla or Firefox. 
For AOL users:  AOL users cannot access MyMathLab using the America Online Browser.  However, you can log in to AOL, minimize the AOL browser, and then launch Internet Explorer separately to access MyMathLab. 
Memory:  64 MB RAM
Monitor resolution:  1024 X 768 or higher

NOTE: System requirements are included in the pamphlet found in the MyMathLab Student Access Kit.  

Time Management

Time management is essential for success in the course.  

During fall and spring semesters, other Math 0300 classes meet for 3 hours per week with the instructor and students are expected to put in at least two to three hours outside of class for every hour in class.  Since this class covers the same material as traditional classes, a minimum of 9 - 12 hours per week to understand and learn the course content.  

During a summer semester, other Math 0300 classes meet 8 hours per week on campus, so a minimum of 16 - 24 hours per week may be needed to grasp the concepts and take tests/labs for this online course.  

It is better to work daily on math than to spend longer periods of time several times a week.  Each student should spend the amount of time that he or she needs to understand the concepts and perform well on homework assignments, reviews, graded labs and graded tests.   


The Calendar gives a schedule that sets the pace required for students to succeed in the course.  It outlines the course with dates specifying when course objectives, labs and tests must be completed.  Budget enough time to complete the assignments, labs and tests by the scheduled dates and deadlines given.  Once behind on the schedule, it is difficult to get caught up.  

Since the class is self-paced, students who need a quick review can progress through the material faster.  Homework, labs and tests may be completed BEFORE the scheduled dates and deadline dates.  

Personal Information Form – Required

Each student is to fill out the Math 0310 Student Information form and return it to me.  Copy this form in a Word document, fill it out and return the completed form to me as an e-mail attachment on or before the first day of class.        



Name: ________________________ Name you go by:____________ 

Course Section_________

CougarMail address:_____________________________


Additional e-mail address:________________________


Home Phone: _______________Work Phone: ___________________






1.    What was the most recent mathematics course you completed?  When?


2.    Which math courses are required for your major?


3.    Why are you interested in this course?  What are your expectations?  What grade do you expect to earn?


4.    What are your major academic interests and educational goals (degree, certificate, etc.)?


5.     What are your thoughts and/or feelings when you hear the word MATH?  What past experiences with math had a strong effect on you – POSITIVE or NEGATIVE?


6.     What steps can you take to succeed in this math class?  



7.    How many hours per week do you work? ________How many hours are you registered for?_______ 

8.    Do you own a graphing calculator?  If so, have you used one before?


9.    Have you ever taken an online course?  If so, please describe your experiences.




10.  To get to know you better, introduce yourself to me by sharing any relevant information about yourself.   



1.    I understand and agree to submit Tests and Labs and all course work done by me. _________________


2.    I understand and agree to take tests without the aid of textbooks or notes.  This will be the method used for taking the midterm and final exam.____________________


3.    I understand that a graphing calculator (TI84 Plus, TI84, TI83 Plus or TI 83 is recommended) is required and to be used 

in this course.______________.


4.    I understand that this is a modified self-paced course and that 4 online tests, Midterm exam, Final exam and 11 labs must be taken on or before due dates as posted in the Schedule.  _____________________


5.    I understand that the Midterm and Final Exam must be taken in the Spring Creek Campus or Central Park Campus Testing Center (a student ID is required).______________________


6.    I understand that online test grades and lab grades will be posted in the MyMathLab Gradebook.____________


7.    I understand that to pass the course, the final exam grade must be at least 60% and the course average must be at least 70%. _______________ 


8.    I understand that homework is important and crucial for learning the course content but will NOT be a part of the course grade.______________


9.    I understand that helpful resources include:  CD Lecture Series which provide a video presentation on the course topics; tutoring available in the Math Lab on each campus and through the ACCESS office; your instructor by sending e-mails with your questions. _____________________ 


10.    I understand that I am to send an e-mail (using Cougarmail or Blackboard CE mail) to the instructor each week stating my progress in the course._____________________


11.   I understand that my name, course number and section number is to be included in the subject of any e-mail sent to me._____________