Math Lab

The Math Lab provides students with a place to do their mathematics homework and labs.  Tutors assist students with explanations for specific math problems.  As an online student, you may visit any campus Math Lab which can serve as a good resource for enhancing your learning experience. 



Spring Creek Campus Math Lab:   Room J228  972-881-5921

Central Park Campus Math Lab:  Room C220  972-548-6896

Preston Ridge Campus Math Lab:  Room L212  972-377-1639


Hours:  CALL each campus for specific hours.



Best Way to Use the Math Lab:


1.  Raise your hand to signal a tutor when assistance is needed for a particular math problem.


2.  Show the math problem to the tutor.  Also show the tutor examples or notes similar to those problems requiring assistance.


3.  If you still do not understand, ask the tutor to repeat his/her explanation or explain in another way if possible.






1.  Visit the Math Lab on any campus for tutoring (see Math Lab above).


2.  A personal tutor may be available through the Access Office, G200, SCC for up to 2 hours of tutoring per week.  Request a tutor early in the semester.  


3.  Online Tutoring is available for a maximum of 8 hours online each month.  Sign up by sending an e-mail to Michele Boverie:  Michele will give you instructions, username and a password for using the Online Tutoring.




Online Resources


Prentice Hall has a feature on their website that may be helpful to you. It's free and can be viewed at
It's an online "how to use your graphing calculator" site. It's great for students that need detailed step-by-step instructions on how to work their graphing calculators.  You will need to use a graphing calculator in Math 0305 and Math 0310.  You may use the calculator on all exams.




Study Materials


Do not forget to use the CD Lecture Series which is packaged with the textbook.  The Martin-Gay CD Lecture Series is a comprehensive set of digital videos covering the key topics in the textbook by providing a short lecture (by the textbook author) with worked examples from sections in the textbook.   


Graphing Calculator Functions Handout

The Calculator Functions handout is a reference on using the TI 83, TI84 or TI86 graphing calculator.  Click here to view and print a copy of this handout.