History 1302

Up to 20 points

Due by May 1


This semester you can do one of the following two assignments for extra credit.  Both will entail typing up a 3-page paper.  



Possibility #1: The Selma March in documentary and film


See both the new Academy-award winning movie Selma and the episode of the classic documentary "Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years" dealing with the Selma March of 1965. The Collin College library has all the episodes on DVD [E185.61.E94].


For this paper, do not give a complete blow-by-blow account of the Selma story (although you can give a basic summary in the introduction).  Instead, focus on the similarities and differences between the ways that these two arts forms (dramatic film and documentary) told the story of the events in Selma, Alabama in 1965.  I am giving a lot of leeway in what you can include, but think about some of the following types of questions: 


What people and events were covered in both depictions?  What people and events were included in one of the depictions that you wished was addressed in the other?  Why?  Which was more informative to you personally about the overall situation and why?  Which coverage did you enjoy viewing more and why? 



Possibility #2: The Collin College Working-Class Studies Conference



For this paper, you will be asked to attend one of the sessions at the Friday, April 10 Collin College Working-Class Studies Conference at the Spring Creek Campus Conference Center.  Here is the program for the event with listings for speakers, topics, and times.


Choose one of the sessions to attend, listen to the speakers' presentations (or a panel's presentation), and give a 3-page report on what what you learned, how the presentations were similar (and hence why they were grouped together in the same session), and how they differed from each other




I am not overly picky about grammar, but I do grade on presentation as well as the information provided.  So even if your info is correct, I will take some points off for sloppy writing/editing in the form of:


     Failing to include a title

     Failing to provide an informative and interesting introductory paragraph or concluding paragraph

     Placing huge gaps between paragraphs or having huge margins (greater than 1 inches)

     Using a font larger that 12-point

     Failing to correct numerous misspellings and apostrophe problems/failure to proofread

     Writing too little (shorter than 2 pages with normal margins or writing too much (longer than 4 pages


*** Set your TABS so that you are indenting new paragraphs 0.5" from the left margin