Instructor’s Name: Dr. Linda J. Muysson                         Spring 2015


Office Number: SCC A219

Office Hours:  MW: 10-11, 12:15-1:15pm, T/R: 12:45-1:45pm

Phone Number: 972-881-5777 Email:



Class Information: PHED 1140 Beginning Aerobic Dance


Section Number: S01

Meeting Times: 11:00am-12:15pm, M.W.

Meeting Location: SCC A107


Minimum Technology Requirement: N/A

Minimum Student Skills: N/A

Netiquette Expectations: N/A


Course Resources: Textbook: Airhart T. Principles, Programs and Assessments for Training and Exercise Kendall-Hunt Publishing


Supplies:  None


Attendance Policy:


3 FREE Absences…..After 3 absences have been exhausted 5 points will be deducted  from the attendance grade for each successive absence. This will impact the final grade for this class.

One make – up class will be allowed. One point will be deducted for each time the student is late or leaves early. Sitting out twice = 1 absence.


Method of Evaluation: Students will be evaluated on a point system. A total of 100 points will be used.

  1. Completion of pre and post fitness tests                      05 points
  1. Completion of nutritional awareness worksheet          10  points
  1. Aerobic Routine                                                            05  points
  1. Midterm                                                                         20  points
  1. Final                                                                              20  points
  1. Attendance and Participation                                        40 points






F=59 and below


Course Calendar:

Midterm Exam

March 04th

Final Exam

May 13th

Pre-Fitness Testing

January 26th

Nutritional Analysis

March 25th

Aerobic Routines

April 20th, 22nd

Post Fitness Testing

April 27th, 29th


Course Outline:


Week 1:  

I. Aerobic Wellness

    A. Six Dimensions of Wellness

    B. Benefits of Wellness

    C. Pre Fit test

    D. Karvonen Method/Target Heart Rate

 II. Metabolic systems

    A. Aerobic vs. Anaerobic

    B. Lactic Acid

    C. Intro to step/weights


Week 2:

I. Cardiovascular system

    A. Diseases

        1. Atherosclerosis

        2. Arteriosclerosis

        3. Blood Pressure

    B. Intro to Step choreography


 Week 3:

I. Respiratory system

    A. Lung function during exercise

II. Skeletal system

    A. Bone health

III. Step Choreography


Week 4:

I. Muscular System

    A. Function

    B. Attachment

    C. Contractions

II. Step choreography

    A. Vertical

    B. Intro to Balance Balls


Week 5:

I. Fitness Components/Skill-Related components

    A. Examples

        1. Demonstrations

II. Step Choreography

    A. Double Step


Week 6:

I. Principles of exercise

    A. Overload

    B. Threshold

    C. Adaptation

    D. Progression

    E. F. I. T. T.

II. Intro to Slide


Week 7:

I. Exercise Intensity Calculation

    A. Borg

    B. Talk

    C. THZ

II. Aerobic variations

    A. HIA

    B. NIA

    C. LIA

III. Body Toning

    A. Contraindicated Exercises

IV. Slide/Step Choreography


Week 8:

I. Midterm

    A. Review

    B. Test

    C. Item Analysis Review

II. Slide/Step Choreography


Week 9:

I. Nutrition and Weight control

    A. Nutritional Analysis due

    B. Identification of Nutrients

    C. Daily Caloric intakes

II. Intro to Aerobic Dance


Week 10:

I. Nutrients Continued

    A. Fats

        1. Cholesterol

        2. Unsaturated

        3. Saturated

    B. Minerals

II. Aerobic Dance




Week 11:

I. Water

    A. Dehydration

        1. Heat Exhaustion

        2. Heat Stroke

II. Fiber

    A. Nutritional Analysis

III. Aerobic Dance and weights


Week 12:  

I. Food Guide Pyramid

    A. On-line access

II. Label Reading

    A. Truth or Fiction

III. Eating disorders

VI. Step and Weights


Week 13:

I. Student Routines


Week 14:

I. Care and Prevention of Injuries

    A. R.I.C.E.

    B. Identification of Injuries

II. Vertical Step and Weights


Week 15:

I. Risk Factors of Heart Attack and Stroke

II. Review for final

III. Post Fitness test


Week 16:

I. Final Exam