Instructor’s Name: Dr. Linda J. Muysson


Office Number: SCC A219

Office Hours:  MW: 10am-12noon, T/R: 11:15-12:15pm

Phone Number: 972-881-5777 Email:



Class Information: PHED 1338 Concepts of Fitness and Wellness


Section Number: S01

Meeting Times: 2:30pm-3:45pm, T/TR

Meeting Location: SCC A216


Minimum Technology Requirement: N/A

Minimum Student Skills: N/A

Netiquette Expectations: N/A


Course Resources: Textbook:


Hoeger and Hoeger: Fitness and Wellness, Wadsworth Publishing, 9th Edition, 2013


Airhart, T. : Practical Applications and Assessments for Fitness and Wellness, A Lab Manual. Kendall-Hunt Publishing, 2014



Supplies:  None


Attendance Policy:


3 FREE Absences…..After 3 absences have been exhausted 10 points will be deducted  from the attendance grade for each successive absence. This will impact the final grade for this class. If you are late 10 minutes or more to class you will be counted absent.



Method of Evaluation


Midterm                                                                                                                                     20%

Final Exam                                                                                                                                 20%

Completion of 10 Labs                                                                                                              10%

 Required labs: 1,2,6,9,10,12,13,14,16,20

For every lab that has not been completed, 1 point will be deducted from lab grade.


Attendance:                                                                                                                                 25%


Out of class labs:                                                                                                                         15%


Fitness Project:                                                                                                                        10%

 DUE: Nov. 3rd                                                                                                           

Using the five components of fitness (Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility, Body Composition,

Muscular Strength and Muscular endurance). Design and Implement (USE)  and Type a

workout routine designed specifically for you. Contact and name a professional in the fitness field

that helped you and document each workout. 10 Workouts from your fitness plan must be documented.


Activity: With your assigned group, create a game or activity to be presented to the class.      

Class will participate. Completion and participation in activity will equal 3 bonus points on

final exam. Written description of activity is required.


Students are required to complete 1 hour of physical activity per week outside of class. You must submit your weekly activity to the instructor at the end of each week. Include date the activity was performed, name of activity (cardiovascular, strength training, flexibility) and length the activity was performed.

1 hour of physical activity equals 1 point for a total of 15 points for the semester. For every hour of physical activity not handed in 1 point will be deducted from the out of class lab grade.






F=59 and below


Tentative Course Calendar:  PHED 1338 CONCEPTS  DUE DATES 


Oct. 20th           


Fitness Project

Dec. 11th

Nov. 3rd           


Nov. 5,12,19




Students Responsibility

In class

Date Due

Labs 1, 2,

10 (Fit Assessment) 

08/27    /TR:

Lab 6  


09/03    /TR:

Lab 8


09/10    /TR:

Lab 10


09/24    /TR:

Lab 13 


10/01    /TR:

Lab 14


10/08    /TR:

Lab 15


10/15    /TR:

Lab 18


10/20    /TR:

Lab 20


10/29    /TR:




Course Outline:

Week 1

I.Intro to Concepts Class

     A. Pre-fit testing

     B. Hand-outs


Week 5

I.Cardiorespiratory endurance

    A. Assessment

    B. Hypokinetic disease

II.Energy systems

    A. Aerobic, Anaerobic

III. Activity


Week 9

I. Nutrients

    A. Protein, Fats, Carbs,Vitamins, Minerals

    B. Antioxidents

II. Food Guide Pyramid

III. Food Labels

IV. Activity


Week 13

I. STD's

    A. Identification

II. Activity

III. Lab Due

Week 2

I. Dimensions of Wellness

    A.Fitness Components

    B.Skill Related

II. Activity


Week 6

I. Principles of Cardio Exercise

    A. FITT

II. Dehydration

    A. Heat Stroke

    B. Heat Exhaustion

III. Activity


Week 10

I. Stress

    A. Physical Responses to Stress

    B. G.A.S.

II. Activity

III. Lab due


Week 14

I. Addictive Behavior

    A. Drugs

II. Activity

III. Lab due

Week 3

I. Behavior Modification

    A. Transtheoretical Model

II. Activity


Week 7

I. Resistance Exercise

    A. Muscular Strength

    B. Fitness Terminology

II. Activity

Review for Midterm


Week 11

I. Physiology of Heart Muscle

    A. Circulation

II. Cholesterol

III. Diseases

IV. B.P.

V.  Risk Factors of Heart Attack and Stroke

VI. Activity

VII. Lab due

Week 15

I. Alcohol

    A. Abuse

    B. Proof Value

    C. BAC

II. Tobacco

III. Activity

IV. Lab Due

Week 4

I. Body Composition



II.  Activity

III. Lab Due

Week 8

I. Flexibility

    A. Stretches

    B. Back Care

II. Intro to Nutrition


IV.Lab due

Week 12

I. Cancer

    A. Types of Cancer

    B. Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prognosis

II. Activity

III. Lab Due

Week 16

I. Finals