The Collin College Wellness Program is dedicated to helping employees, and students enjoy a healthier and more productive way of living. By adopting the six dimensions of wellness (social, occupational, emotional, intellectual, environmental, and physical) and integrating them into various activities and philosophies promoted by the program, participants will be more well-rounded, more productive at home, school, and work, and essentially will be happier people through the process of achieving high level of wellness.

The philosophy of the program is that all services and programs be accessible to all persons, providing that more appropriate medical care is not necessary. It is not the intent of the program to intercept necessary medical attention. Those requiring more advanced counseling, as judged solely by the wellness staff, will be referred to their personal physician or health care practitioner.

Our goal is to provide programs and services that promote the idea and eventual practice of health responsibility. By promoting activities and programs that relate to the six dimensions of wellness, individuals will understand the impact of daily lifestyle on their health and the world in which they live.

Important Notice: Before participating in any wellness class or seminar, please complete the Medical Release/Informed Consent form and give it to your instructor or Dr. Linda Muysson.

Wellness Program Guidelines

The purpose of the college’s Wellness Program Leave is to provide incentive and time to participate in wellness programs.  Full time faculty and staff may participate in any of the college’s sports or exercise programs and receive matched time for their exercise efforts.  For every 30 minutes of exercise by a faculty/staff employee, the college will match 30 minutes of free exercise time, within the following limits:

  1. College-contributed time and employee-contributed time must be taken on the same day.

  2. Incentive time is limited to 30 minutes, three times weekly (one and one-half hours weekly maximum for college's contribution).

  3. Participants must check in and out at the campus fitness center desk.

  4. College-contributed time should be discussed with and approved by a supervisor, in advance. Wellness time contributed by the college must be recorded in TimeClockPlus by non-exempt employees

  5. Fitness programs must be performed on Collin College campuses.



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