Course Number:                    HIST 1302 & PHED 1304              Spring 2015


Course Title:                          The President’s Health Club: Personal Health and the Modern American Presidency


Course Description:              Woodrow Wilson’s stroke, Franklin Roosevelt’s struggle with polio, and First Lady Betty Ford’s battle against alcoholism are among the personal health issues that have impacted the American presidency and United States history. This Learning Community considers the ways that health concerns of U.S. presidents affected American history during important events including World War I, Watergate, and the impeachment of Bill Clinton. In examining the health of presidents and the health policies of their administrations, students will learn approaches to wellness that could improve their well-being in such areas as cardio-vascular health, psychological health, human sexuality, and nutrition.


Course Credit Hours:            6          Lecture Hours: 6


Placement Assessment:         Placement in college-level reading and English 1301     


Student Learning                   Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to do the following:



1.      Recognize and explain the relationships between the personal health of American presidents and the historical outcomes of their administrations.

2.      Apply personal health concepts to the consideration of historically important events.

3.      Compare the development of health policy at different time periods in modern American history.

4.      Create an argument through the use of historical evidence.

5.      Analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources.

6.      Analyze the effects of historical, social, political, economic, cultural, and global forces on this period of United States history.


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            Instructor’s Name:    Matthew Ware Coulter

            Office Number:          B-235a

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            Phone Number:          972-881-5816


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            Instructor’s Name:    Linda Muysson

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Class Information:

            Section Number:        HIST 1302.S20 and PHED 1304.S02                         

            Meeting times:           TR, 10:00am-12:45pm

            Meeting location:       A-216, Spring Creek Campus



Course Resources:                Created Equal, by Jones and others, fourth edition., vol. 2

                                                 Core Concepts in Health, by Insel and Roth, 13th edition


Supplies:                                Three SCANTRON Mini-Essay Books



Attendance Policy:

Attendance is required. 3 FREE absences will be awarded to all students. After 3 FREE absences have been exhausted the 4th absence and any successive absences will drop your attendance grade from: 10% = 0-3 absences, 7% = 4th absence, 4% = 5th absence, 1% = 6th absence. An absence may be excused if a doctor’s note is provided.

Tests may be made up under the following conditions:

You must have a written medical excuse to take the same test as the rest of the class.

If you do not have a written medical excuse, you may take an all essay make-up test in the Testing Center. The make-up test must be taken before the next regularly scheduled test.

 If you are unable to complete this course, you must withdraw from it by Friday, March 20, 2015. You must withdraw from both History 1302 and Physical Education 1304.



Method of Evaluation:

Title, Format, and Value

 Attendance, 50 pts.

 Quizzes, 4 quizzes at 5 points each, 20 pts.

 Reading Outlines, 3 at 5 points each, 15 pts.

Writing Opportunities, 3 at 5 points each, in-class writing opportunities, 15 pts.

Tests, three tests at 100 points each, total 300 pts. Tests questions may be multiple-choice, matching, fill in the blank, short answer, and essay.

Class Presentation Project, 100 pts.

 Total Points, 500 pts.


Final grades will be assigned as follows: Individuals who earn 450 or more points (90 percent or more of the total points) will receive A grades. Those earning from 400 to 449 points will receive B grades. Those earning from 350 to 399 points will receive C grades, and those earning from 300 to 349 points will receive D grades. Anyone earning less than 300 points will fail the Learning Community.

Each person will receive the same final grade for each course in the Learning Community. In other words, your final grade in History 1302 and Physical Education 1304 will be the same.


If the Collin College Dean of Students determines that a student engaged in scholastic dishonesty on an assignment or activity in this course, the student may receive zero credit for that assignment or activity.

Tentative Course Calendar: Learning Community, “President’s Health Club,” Spring 2015


Date/Day         Readings                                                          Topic


January 20                                                                      Introduction to class



January 22        Jones, pp. 425-437                            Sexuality in late 19th Century America

Thursday          Insel & Roth, ch. 5                                          

Quiz #1


January 27        Jones, pp. 476-485, 511-512              Women’s Rights

Tuesday           Insel & Roth, ch. 5                              

                        Quiz #2           


January 29        Jones, pp.                                         Birth control and contraception

Thursday          Insel & Roth, ch. 6 and 7                                 

                        Reading Outline #1


February 3       Jones, pp. 465-475                           Fitness in the Progressive Era:

Tuesday           Insel & Roth, ch. 13 and 14               Presidents T. Roosevelt and Taft          


February 5       Jones, pp. 487-499                         Fitness and World War I

Thursday          Insel & Roth, ch. 13 and 14 

                        Reading Outline#1                


February  10   Jones , pp. 499-507                         Cardiovascular Disease:

Tuesday           Insel & Roth, ch. 15                          President Wilson

                        Writing Opportunity #1


February 12    Jones.pp.509-529                            Cardiovascular Disease:

Thursday                                                                 President Harding


February 17     Jones, pp. 531-539                         Stress: Hoover and the Great Tuesday  Insel & Roth, ch.2                                           



February 19                                                                  Test 1 (1877-1933)                 



February 24     Jones, pp. 539-533                         Intimate Relationships:

Tuesday           Insel & Roth, ch.4                           Franklin and Eleanor 

                        Writing Opportunity #2   


February 26     Jones,pp. 614-619                           Intimate Relationships:  

Thursday          Insel & Roth, ch.4                             JFK and Jackie


March 3           21st Amendment                                Alcohol: The End of Prohibition

Tuesday           Insel & Roth, ch.10

                        Hand-Out from Prof. Coulter


March 5           Insel & Roth, ch.10                            Alcohol



March 10 and 12                                                        Enjoy Spring Break

Tuesday and Thursday


March 18        Jones pp.555-573                             Nutrition in World War II        

Tuesday           Insel & Roth, ch.12


March 19         Jones, pp.591-603                          Nutrition and the rise of “fast food”      

Thursday          Insel & Roth, ch.12

                        Quiz #3


March 24         Hand Out from Prof. Coulter                Tobacco

Tuesday           Insel & Roth, ch.11


March 26         Jones, pp.631-637                              Illicit Drugs and the 1960s counter-culture

Thursday          Insel & Roth, ch.9   

                        Reading Outline #2                                                    


March 31         Insel & Roth, ch.9                                 Nixon and the “War on Drugs”

Tuesday            Hand Out        


April 2                                                                           Test 2 (1933-1970)



April 7              Jones, pp.645-648                                Mental Health

Tuesday           Insel & Roth, ch.3                                 Watergate       


April 9            Insel & Roth, ch.3                                 Mental Health:             

Thursday                                                                       The Eagleton Affair                              


April 14                                                                         STDs

Tuesday           Insel & Roth, ch.18


April 16            Jones, pp.676-680                               AIDS during the Reagan Presidency

Thursday          Insel & Roth, ch.18


April 21            Insel & Roth, ch.22                                Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease

Tuesday           Hand Out


April 23            Jones, pp.697-705                                Aging and Sexuality                             

Thursday          Insel & Roth, ch.5

                        Quiz #4 

April 28            Insel & Roth, ch.16                               Cancer                        



April 30              Insel & Roth, ch.16                              Cancer: G.W. Bush     

Thursday          Jones pp.706-717


May 5              Insel & Roth, ch.23                                  Death and Dying:                     

Tuesday           Reading Outline #3                                   Ronald and Nancy       


May 7              Insel & Roth, ch.23                                  Death and Dying: 9/11

Thursday          Jones, pp.711-720

                        Writing Opportunity #3                                                            


May 12                                                                       

Tuesday                                                                            Final Exam     (1970-present)