Links American Institute of Stress - Dedicated to the advancement of knowledge of the role of stress in health and disease. Medical basis of stress, depression, anxiety, sleep problems and drug use. Relaxation guide for stressed students
Keyboard Yoga American Psychological Association-Provides information on stress management and psychological disorders.
Center for Anxiety and Stress Treatment- a commercial site that also includes an anxiety symptom checklist and a list of stress-busting tips for work stress. The Humor Project - A clearinghouse for information and practical ideas related to humor. National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Publishes informative brochures about stress and stress management as well as other aspects of mental health. Techniques for Controlling Short Term Stress
Adjusting to University Life-Stress and Anxiety Job Stress Help Page Stress Management Strategies for Individuals
Living Refreshed - Stress Release Counseling and Workshops Quit smoking

Good Resources

Audio tapes and books relating to relaxation techniques Academy for Guided Imagery New Harbinger Publications Relaxation Music CD's and Cassettes to assist with Stress Management
Stress Less Products: exercise is an effective means of stress reduction Stressmaster Products Stressrelease Products Stressstop Products Top 5 Mental Health Problems Facing College Students
Stress Evaluation Tests Life Stress Scale Life Stress Test
Stress Related Articles
Articles on Anxiety Disorders and Stress
Stress and the Immune System Wellness Newsletter/Stress Reduction

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