Publications: Books: L. Adams (Muysson), and K. Gontarek "Mommy I Have a Monster in My Throat" Series

Health Bytes: Email, Collin College Wellness Program

Grants:  Maureen Connolly Brinker Tennis Stadium
Collin College and Brinker International, Dallas, TX
$60,000 Spring 1998-Secured
Presentations: Learning Communities, All College Day, 2013

Muysson, L.  Heart Disease and Older Adults. Philanthropic Education Organization, Dallas Chapter

Muysson, L. "How Does Worksite Health Affect Productivity and Morale?"

Muysson, L.  " Fitness and The Older Adult: Physiological Changes".

Muysson, L.  "Catastrophic Cholesterol"

Panel member: Auteur Film Series "Super Size Me"

Advising Retreat Speaker "Employee/ Student Wellness at Collin College"

"Reach to the Sky" an interactive presentation on reducing stress in the workplace

Seminars: Drugs and the Student Athlete
Exercise to Maintain a Healthy Back
Holiday Eating That's Good for You
Starting and Maintaining a Fitness Program
Staying Safe During the Holidays
Stretching for a Healthy Back
Taking Care of Computer Users
Why You Can't Sleep: ABC's of Z's
Your Risk of Coronary Heart Disease
Nutrition for Adults Over 50
Worksite Wellness for New Employees