Rocky Mountain National Park
Estes Park, Colorado



Multiple Sunset



Ouzel Falls



Ouzel Falls



Storm at Rock Cut


Big Horn Sheep




View of Long's Peak from Rock Cut



Adolescent Bear


Multiple Sunset, Rocky Mountain National Park, July 2010


Elk Sunset


Meadow Fog at Dusk, Rocky Mountain National Park, July 2010



Storm Set from Forest Canyon



Treeline at Dusk


Long's Peak



Two Bucks



Elk, Clouds, and Long's Peak







River at Dusk



Sunset, Forest Canyon Overlook



Alberta Falls



Alberta Falls





Marmot Play






Stormy Sunset






West Side Sunset








Layered Sunset



Rainbow Curve


Nymph Lake





Onahu Trail



Storm-set at 12,000 feet



Chasm Lake & Long's Peak



White Cloud Sunset



Papa Moose



Mama Moose



Mama and Baby Moose



Elk in the Clouds