Karl Spitzweg, "The Bookworm,"

Life Span & Introduction to Sociology

Section 11: Young Adulthood: Love, Intimacy, Parenting, and Responsibility


Arnett, Human Development, chapter 10
Arnett, Power Point, chapter 10

Nancy Jo Sales, "Tinder and the Dawn of the "Dating Apocalypse," Vanity Fair, September 2015 (*Warning: This article contains explicit language that some may find objectionable.)

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Complete these three brief questionnaires:

(1) George W. Crane, "Marital Rating Scale - Husband's Chart" and
George W. Crane, "Marital Rating Scale - Wife's Chart"

(2) Which Parent Does More in Your Home? In the "Modern Parenthood" report, the Pew Research Center asked married and cohabiting parents with children under 18 to compare their workload at home with that of their spouses or partners. Answer the two questions (click here) to find out how you compare with the parents who took our nationwide survey.

(3) Complete the Pew Research Center brief questionnaire “Online Dating: What’s Your View?” and read Smith and Duggan’s “Online Dating & Relationships” which prides a brief summary of the results. Discuss what you think are the interesting sociological aspects of this new phenomenon.