Karl Spitzweg, "The Bookworm,"






















Life Span & Introduction to Sociology

Section 13: Poverty & Inequality


Macionis, Society: The Basics, chapters 8 & 9
Barbara Ehrenreich, "Nickel and Dimed" (excerpt)

“Texas Poverty 101”
"The Real Budgets of McDonald's Workers" (view the five slides)
Richard Fry & Paul Taylor, "A Rise in Wealth for the Wealthy; Declines for the Lower 93%"

View these brief videos:

"How the Other Half Lives" (click to watch this)

"America's Distribution of Wealth (1955)"


"Wealth Inequalty in America"

Visit the following Web Sites:

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A History of American Sweatshops, 1820 - present
Co-op America: Sweatshps: Retailer Scorecard
Walmart and Sweatshops

National Center for Children in Poverty

National Coalition for the Homeless
America’s Second Harvest
The Samaritan Inn
Child Labor in America 1908-1912
Inequality.org (View "Data and Statistics")
Global Rich List