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Van Gogh, A Woman Reading


Previous Study Grant Recipients
Proposals and Annotated Bibliographies


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2012 - 2013

Mindi Bailey (Humanities), "Min(d)ing Creativity: How Whole-Brain Thinking Can Enrich and Enliven Education"
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Barbara Lusk (Psychology), "Boundary Work In Psychology: The Uneasy Relationship Between Scientific and “Pop” Psychology"
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Keith Volanto (History), "Significant State and Local Studies of the New Deal"
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David Weiland (History), "Value and Values in Economic Thought: A Survey of Primary Sources from Aristotle to the Onset of Industrialization"
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2011 - 2012

Ivan Csato (Geology), "Tectonics and Stratigraphy of the Rio Grande Rift"
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Delores Zumwalt (English), "Mimesis and the Intertextual Parody: Contemporary Re-Visionings of Classic Literary Texts"
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2010 - 2011

Brett Adams (History), "The Highland South in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era: Progress or Loss?"
[Annotated Bibliography]

Lauryn Angel-Cann (English), "Fairy Tale Archtypes in Contemporary Film"
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2008 - 2009

Mary Anne Andrade (English), "Industrialization & Urbanization of Britain and France as Reflected in Literature"
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Rebecca Boatman (Art), "Relics and Reliquaries: A Cross Cultural Study of Forms, Styles, and Content in Early Christian, Buddhist, and Kota/Fang Art "
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Meade Brooks (Physics), "The Use of Light in the Art of Painting: A Physics Perspective"
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Chip Galloway (Mathematics), "Mathematics and Music"
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Kimberly Lower (Nutrition), "Dying to Be Thin: Changes in the Perception of Body Image and Dietary Behaviors in the U.S."
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Donald Weasenforth (ESL), "Metaphors We Live and Die By: Using Conceptual Metaphor to Leverage Public Support for Initiation and Prosecution of the Iraq War"
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2007 - 2008

Salena Brody (Psychology), "Ghettos and Gated Communities: The Impact of Urban Planning Decisions on Neighborhood Life”
[Annotated Bibliography]

Istvan Csato (Geology), "Numerical Modeling of Stratigraphy"
[Annotated Bibliography]

Carl Hasler (Philosophy), "Ethics, Natural Law and Just War Theory in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas"
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Barbara Lusk (Psychology), "The Back Story of Psychology: An Examination of the Personal and Social Contexts of the Discovery Process"
[Annotated Bibliography]

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[Annotated Bibliography]

Keith Volanto (History), "Readings in African-American and Italian-American History, 1830 - present"
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Mary Weis (Biology), "Inflammation: Immune Protection or Harmful Process?"
[Annotated Bibliography]

Debbie White (Sociology), "The Social Protection of Children: A Cross-National Comparison"
[Annotated Bibliography]

2006 - 2007

Betsy Brody (Political Science), "Transitional Justice: Balancing Peace and Justice in Post-conflict Societies”
Denise Brown (Mathematics), "Mayan Mathematics"
Mike Broyles (Physics), "Anecdotes in the Lives of Some Prominent Physicists behind The Modern Wave/Particle Physics Revolution"
Copeland Crisson (Engineering & Emerging Technologies), "Internet Protocol Based Electronic Communications: Today & Tomorrow"
Tom Hudgens, (Economics), "From Genghis Khan To Mikhail Gorbachev: Import, Trade, and Assimiliation Of New Food Products Into Siberia's Economy"
Carolyn Perry (Humanities), "The University and the Marketplace"
Diana Sage (Speech Communication), "The Stories of Our Lives:  How Sensemaking, Narrative Theory and Structuration Interact"

2005 - 2006

Jennifer L. O’Loughlin-Brooks (Psychology), "Exploring the Significance of Play: A Cross-Species Investigation"
Gloria Cockerall (Business), "Individual Accountability and Society"
Tracey Elliott (Socology), "Trends and Consequences of an Emergent Global Culture"
Wendy Gunderson (History), "The Making of Modern Iraq"
Ceilidh Charleson-Jennings (Speech Communication), "Trust Me Now:  Emergency Communication with Dementia Patients and Young Children in the Crisis Environment""
Dan Lipscomb (Psychology), "People in Glass Houses : A Psychological Analysis of Mid-Century Modern Residential Architecture"
Kay Mizell (English), "International Relations"
Kemal Moula (Foreign Languages), "Zola and the Naturalist Movement"
Debra St, John (Government), "Censored, Banned, Forbidden: Books that Challenge the First Amendment"
John Wilkins (Engineering and Emerging Technologies), "A Regional History:  African-American Settlements, Rise and Demise"

2004 - 2005

Brooke Brantley (Culinary Arts), "Thomas Jefferson: Third President & First “Foodie”
Pam Gaiter (Sociology), Ethnicity and Assimilation: Being “American”
Joan Jenkins (History), Readings in the History of early Christianity
Lisa Roy-Davis (English), Race in Early American Literature
Sam Tullock (History), American Protestants and Catholics in the Early National & Antebellum Era
Kyle Wilkison (History), “Plain Folk” and Radical Protest in the South

2003 - 2004

Lee Akins (Art), Reproducing Historical Glazes
Chip Galloway (Math), Mathematics and Art History
Sandra Herron (Spanish), The Representation of the Cultural and Social World in Hispanic Literary Movements
Betty Siber (Art History), Techniques for Surface Treatments of Ceramics
Shirley Terrell (Developmental Education), Language and Gender - A Closer Look

2002 - 2003

Peggy Breedlove (Developmental Education), A Cross-Cultural Study of Alternative Healing Practices
Peggy Brown (English), A Cultural Survey of Film
Mike Cohick (Economics), Global Warming and the International Economy
Rod Coltman (Philosophy), Nietzsche and Greek Tragedy
David Cullen (History), Race and the Modern Civil Rights Movement
Fred Jury (Chemistry), Combinatorial Chemistry
Chris Morgan, (Music), The Technology of Interactive Computer Music Compositions
Nelson Rich (Biology), Collin County Flora Project

2001 - 2002

Mary Anne Andrade (English), Literary Criticism & Cultural Studies of the Victorian Age
Jean Helgeson (Biology), Recent Advances in Human Immunology
Linda Keith (Government), The United States Supreme Court and Judicial Review of Congressional Statutes
Kay Mizell (English), Minority Ethnicities - Identity, Memory & Experience
Meghmala Tarafdar (English), The Immigrant Experience – Women in Contemporary Asian-American Fiction

2000 - 2001

Carl Hasler (Philosophy), Foundations of Contemporary Moral Philosophy
Elke Matijevich (German), Contemporary German Literature
Carolyn Perry (Humanities), The Classical - Medieval Transition
Larry Stern (Sociology), The Reciprocal Relationship of Religion and Society
Mary Weis (Biology), Healing Therapies

1999 - 2000

Bill Ardis (Math), History of Mathematics
Chris Grooms (English), Cognition in the Arts and Sciences
Keith Hays (Music), Composition for Film and Television
Joan Jenkins (History), Medieval History
Byrd Williams (Photography), Means and Goals of Contemporary Art