Mary Joanne Watkins

Associate Professor

Applied Graphic Design Technology



Collin County Community College District

Spring Creek Campus

Syllabus - Fall 2006




The purpose of this web site is to provide information for students enrolled in the Thursday evening section of Introduction to Computer Graphics - Print.

The Intro to Computer Graphics course explores various fields of advertising graphics including electronic imaging, electronic publishing, computer illustration, interactive media, and photo manipulation. It is taught on the Macintosh computer.

I returned to college teaching in the spring of 2003 for the Collin County Community College District at Spring Creek and for the Dallas Community College District at Brookhaven.

In the fall semester of 2005 I started teaching Introduction to Multimedia at Richland college.

In addition to teaching in the classroom, I currently teach online classes at the Hewlett Packard learning center.

Previously, I worked 8 years for Macromedia, a leading software manufacturer. While at Macromedia I did technical writing and editing , web site production, and three years of Technical support for graphic products.

Prior to my job at Macromedia, I taught computer classes in word processing, desktop publishing, and illustration for a community college and several retail computer stores in Kansas City.

I received a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Kansas and a degree in Botany from the University of Oklahoma. The blending of science and art are recurrent themes in my work as an artist, photographer, and computer artist

The energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, work experience, and the passion for learning that I bring to the classroom creates an atmosphere for students to explore their creativity and increase their knowledge. I also encourage students to expand their knowledge and use of resources which allows them to become self-reliant.


Joanne Watkins
BFA University of Kansas
BS University of Oklahoma





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