Welcome, new students!

English 2328: American Lit II Online Course will be available in Canvas on the first day of classes. Until then, if you have any questions about the course, please e-mail me, Professor Tolleson, at this address:


(Since I am teaching three different online courses, always include the course number and section in the subject box of your e-mail, i.e., 2328.WC1)

A little about the course...

There are no mandatory meeting times in this course. All course assignments, links to lectures, guidelines for responses, and exams will be on this website and/or Canvas. All response papers will be handed in through Turnitin.com. That makes it easier for both of us to keep track of assignments and for you to view my comments on your papers. I encourage you to e-mail me whenever you have a question. Good communication is a key factor in your success in this course. You will need to e-mail me at the college address (mtolleson@collin.edu) and always include your specific course and section number in the subject title of the e-mail. I do not keep my class rolls with me at all times, and it adds significant time to my reply if I have to look up your course/section before I can access the information needed to answer your question.

IMPORTANT: I love teaching online students because they are, by and large, the most disciplined students I have ever been privileged to teach, and self-discipline is certainly a must for any online student. However, even if you are an old hand at the online "thing," there is one important question I want to ask before you jump into this course. Are you a good reader? Online literature courses require good reading comprehension skills. If you have difficulty understanding what you read, I do not recommend this course. You must have the reading comprehension skills necessary to read and understand the assigned works and lecture notes. You must have the self-discipline to follow instructions and hand in work on time; otherwise, you will become increasingly frustrated with this course. And if you think the amount of time you will spend on this class is the same as a traditional course, you are wrong. In this course, you are doing all the work (reading assignments, writing responses, and reading lectures). I'm just grading.

How the course works:

Each week you will need to complete the readings assigned on the Calendar Page that will be linked in Canvas. You will also be expected to complete an assignment (quiz, response paper, or discussion forum participation) that is due at the end of the week (a discussion forum runs throughout the week and requires participation on more than one day). I do build in a couple of extra assignments to provide you the opportunity to skip one or two assignments if you have scheduling conflicts during the semester. You turn in all papers through Turnitin.com. Quizzes and discussion forums takes place in Canvas.  Students who get their account set up in Turnitin by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday before the first class day will be rewarded! Go to Turnitin.com and begin setting up your account now. The class ID and password are as follows: Class ID = 13196881, password = 2328.

There are three exams in this course, the dates of which will be noted on the Calendar Page. Each exam will be available in Canvas within a limited window of time (usually a 3 - 4 day period). All online exams are timed unless taken in the Testing Center. Students who would like to take an untimed exam may take the exam in the Testing Center--a password is required and will be typed in by Testing Center personnel. Make-up exams will be given only at one of the campus Testing Centers and must be arranged through the instructor.

Texts you'll need:

The Norton Anthology of American Literature (Eighth Edition)  (Vol. Package 2: Vols. C, D, E) Norton Anthology of American Literature, 8th ed., (Vols. C, D, E) Baym, Franklin, et al.  (ISBN: 978-0-393-91910-1) This is a 3 vol. set. If you order this book online, make sure that each volume you receive is for AMERICAN literature (not British Literature, not World Literature). Some vendors get them mixed up.

Pudd'nhead Wilson, Mark Twain (purchased separately)
Cold Sassy Tree, Olive Anne Burns (purchased separately)

(For those who want to start reading, we will begin the course with Twain's Pudd'nead Wilson.)

I look forward to working with you next semester! 

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