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For Honors Class:  Our Course ID is foster25043 

Go to MyStatLab and follow the onscreen instructions.  Don't forget to use the above course ID. 


Video for how to create a histogram on TI 83 calculators (works on 84's also)

Video from http://www.statisticshowto.com/histogram-ti-83/

Don't forget that you will need to be able to fix the window for the classes you wish to see.  Click on the Window button and then set the variables as follows:

x-min This should be the lower class limit of the first class.
x-max This should be larger than the upper class limit of the last class.
x-scl This is where you enter the class width.
y-min Can always be set to 0.
y-max Should be the frequency for the modal class (press trace and use the left and right arrow keys to find this value).



A great list of resources from our counseling department:


"I know the material but I go blank on the exam":


And some more resources from Princeton: