ProctorU Exam Procedure - Overview


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Due to varying out-of-state requirements and approvals necessary for on-site testing outside the state of Texas, the use of ProctorU is recommended.

There is a cost per exam for online proctored exams, which the student pays by credit card at the beginning of each exam. If an instructor approves the use of remote proctored testing centers, such as another college testing center, it is the instructor’s responsibility to approve the testing center and provide the exams and instructions to the testing center. Again, the student is responsible for any exam fees.
Faculty have 3 options for proctored exams for online classes:
      1) Collin Testing Center
      2) ProctorU
      3) Other testing centers (instructor responsibility)

You, the instructor, decides which testing options are best for your class.


Provide a statement in your syllabus regarding your testing policies, including whether you allow remote proctored testing at testing centers and/or online remote proctored testing with ProctorU.

Give students a deadline far enough in advance of your first proctored exam to indicate whether or not they will need remote proctored testing.

If you are teaching a blended or hybrid course that will require exams to be taken at the Collin College testing centers, state that in your Course Record Notes.
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